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The story behind the story...

About ten years ago a friend of mine was having a rough day and asked me to tell them a story. And so, out of my brain came a dragon named Cornelius. The story had nothing to do with how I actually ended up writing the book, but the character was there in an instant. I can't explain it.

The story came to me much later, and was inspired by two main events. The first was a group of grade nine students I taught during the second semester of my first year teaching out of university. We had a small drama class, maybe there were fifteen of us, but each student was so amazingly unique, and they always stuck with me. Each had a unique personality, with a unique sense of humour, and when we parted ways at the end of the year, I had a sentimental talk with them that left me and a handful of them in tears. I told them to never let anyone change who they truly were, to always honour themselves by staying true (ie... being their own dragon). I hoped then, and still hope now, that they were able to keep their essence and spirit, because of the uniqueness they bring to the world. I hope that for all my students - but this group was a significant one. And if you ever read this, dear students, thank you for inspiring this book.

The second event was a much more personal one, after having trudged through the depths of post-partum depression after the birth of my first child. I completely lost touch with myself, had no idea who I was anymore, and forgot what brought me joy and connection to myself. Luckily I was able to find it, and so came the idea that Cornelius needed to fight to remember what brought him joy, what filled his heart, what made him feel alive - and what was he willing to risk to be true to himself?

This book is very dear to me, and I believe in the message so whole-heartedly. I hope you and your little ones will get a chance to read it one day.

Happy reading, beloved readers!


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