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Locals supporting locals

At the start of this indy-author journey, I decided I really wanted to collaborate with local/regional bookstores and children's boutiques to market my book. I strongly believe and participate in the "support local" movement, whether that includes food, clothing, books, or other. I think it is important to support local makers and growers in any way possible because it supports local economies, local families, and is better for the planet!

And so while it would be very exciting to be on a front-shelf in a big name bookstore, it simply was not my intention. I crave the atmosphere and energy of independent bookstores - the cozy, quaint environment where you can quietly peruse the shelves, rooms, and receive recommendations of the passionate book purveyors - not to mention get your hands on local authors' books. What's more, you get to connect with some amazing locals that are ENTIRELY supportive and enthusiastic to collaborate.

So far, those amazing locals include (in no particular order):

Kimberley: What a Bag!, Summit Snacks, Fullfill

Nelson: MapleRose

Invermere: Four Points Books

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