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The Year of the Dragon; an update on where to find Cornelius

Okay, I did not know this until the other day, but is it not perfect?! One of my friends recently called me the "Mother of Dragons", and being a total GofT fan, I can really appreciate this. It is amazing how an author can fall in love with their own characters. I am thrilled whenever I see a family or student reading about Cornelius and his adventure - I see him flying throughout this world, spreading joy, and showing us how to reclaim our joy and remember who we are. Sigh. The Year of the Dragon.

With that said, I would not be able to do this without the support of some amazing locals who love supporting other amazing locals. Here is an updated list where to get this book:

Cranbrook: me personally (I have stock of soft-covers, and hard-covers are only available through me at this point, or online distributors; this is how to best support an indy author financially, but I digress); Huckleberry Books; BumbleTree Baby; Koots Roots in the Tamarack Mall.

Kimberley: Summit Snacks; fullfill; what a bag!

Nelson: maplerose

Trail: Crockett Book Co.; and new location Kootenay Made Co.

Fernie & Golden: Coming Soon

Also available at the Cranbrook and Kimberley Public Library, and soon Creston.

Books also available with online distributors, like Amazon.

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